Lead Retrieval

Returning for 2019!

The Veterinary Dental Forum is pleased to offer trade show lead retrieval technology to exhibitors for a fee. Each purchase allows one company representative to use the app and download contact information, multiple user seats per vendor may be purchased. The lead retrieval app uses QR code and smartphone technology to capture potential lead's information quickly and conveniently.

Benefits of Lead Retrieval

  • iPhone and Android smartphone compatible

  • Once lead retrieval app is purchased, each individual user will receive a customized email with information on how to download the app to their personal device

  • QR code on attendee's badge for quick scanning

  • All attendee data collected through the QR code scans will be accessible on-site through the app, and can be downloaded into an Excel format

  • Each user will be able to customize a personal lead list via badge scan and add personal notes

  • Individual user lists can be downloaded and easily combined through Excel post-conference

*The lead retrieval attendee database will include the registrants name, clinic, address and emails (if they 'opted' to allow exhibitors to have their email). Each user may add notes to individual scans and ask for additional information such as email, phone, items they currently purchase or are interested in, etc.

What a great way to build customer relationships, being able to keep notes on what they were interested in! Purchase this system today.

Investment & How to Purchase

Exhibitors will pay a fee for each individual user account. Each user who has purchased the lead retrieval will be sent a confirmation email customized to their own email with directions on how to download the app and log in. Purchases must be made by credit card.

  • Lead Retrieval fee: $200 per user