Veterinary Dental Forum Scholarship Award

  • Scholarship announcements are made months in advance of the Dental Forum in the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry.

  • Decisions as to how many scholarships can be awarded will be based on funds collected.

  • Scholarship awards will be restricted to paying for registration to the annual Dental Forum. Future educational sources will be considered.

  • All applications must be sent to the person designated in the announcement with a deadline of June 1st for 2019.

  • Applicants must be from actively practicing technicians, managers and/or veterinarians. First time attendee(s) to the Dental Forum will be favored.

  • A decision of the winner(s) will be made by June 15th for 2019 by a random selection process from the forum management.

Applicants will be divided into five groups; 1. veterinary technician’s, 2. veterinary technician’s that are tracking, 3. non-certified veterinary technician’s, 4. International, 5. veterinarians (in that order). One or more individuals from each group (based on the funds available) will be selected by forum management on a random basis, to receive the free registration.

If there are insufficient funds to cover all the categories, the final selections will be made by management as they see fit.

If there are more funds available than there are applicants then, the remaining funds will either be carried over to the next year or will be given to one or more of the applicants on a random basis at the discretion of the Scholarship committee.

The 2019 Scholarship Award winners have been selected and notified. Thank you to everyone who submitted for the scholarship.