On-Site Announcements

VDF USB Proceedings Update

To download the updated interactive proceedings links from the conference website, from the 'On-site' tab select 'Proceedings'. Once there select the 'Online Proceedings' tab.

In the orange links bar across the top, select the 'Download Updated Flashdrive Content' option and the below instructions will be provided.

Steps to adding the updated flash drive content to your flash drive:

  1. Insert your flash drive into your computer and open the contents of it.
  2. Download the .zip file of the updated flash drive content by clicking the link provided here on the page.
  3. Once downloaded, extract the content on the .zip file to a location on your hard drive (For example: C:\New Flash Drive Content)
  4. Once the content is extracted, copy all of the content from your hard drive and paste it onto the flash drive. A prompt will appear asking if you want to replace the content on the flash drive and you should select 'Yes'.

JOVD in the Clinics

The following lectures were missed in the on-site program guide but will be running on Sunday, September 17th in the Cumberland 3-4:


JOVD 2017 Editor's Report and Future Plans (J. Lewis and M. Pond)


Crown Amputation with Intentional Root Retention-A Clinical Study (G. DuPont)

 Association of Periodontitis and Root Replacement in Cats with Dental Resorptive Lesions (G. DuPont)

Dr Luisito Pablo Anesthesia Lecture Notes


Diseases and Anesthesia

Pain Management